Send transactional and promotional messages over SMS to your customers.

Combine the power of Zaius segmentation and omni-channel campaigns with SMS messaging to deliver relevant content directly to your customers' phones. Fill in the gaps with use cases like order confirmation, shipping & delivery confirmation, special deal notifications, and follow-on messaging.

Installation & Setup

  1. Click Install

  2. Create a new campaign and choose SMS from the list of available channels

  3. Design your message and click preview

The app will allow you to create and preview SMS campaigns. Contact Customer Support to complete the SMS setup in order to start sending live messages. Once your account is completely setup, the settings tab of the SMS App will look like the following:

This means you are ready to start sending test messages and live campaigns!

In order to send an SMS message to a phone, you must collect consent from your customer to be compliant with TCPA and the CAN-SPAM act. Make sure you follow best practices when you collect your customer's phone number and consent. By providing consent data to Zaius, you can ensure your customers don't receive any unexpected messages.

Message Segments

The SMS protocols at the telephone carrier level have limitations. 160 characters per messages for standard messages, or 70 characters per message if your message contains non-latin characters, such as emojis or characters from Asian or Eastern European languages. Most phones will re-combine the messages so it's not often noticeable by your customer, but each message segment is billable, so it's important to be aware of your message lengths.

When previewing an SMS campaign in the Zaius Campaign Creator, you can see the estimated message count below the preview:

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