Yotpo Swell

Integrate with Yotpo Swell and import loyalty points, loyalty tiers, redemptions (loyalty reward coupons), referral codes and more!

Why install Yotpo for Zaius?

  • Augment customer records with attributes like Loyalty Points Balance and Loyalty Tier

  • Create personalized content that uses the customer's current Loyalty Points Balance or Loyalty Tier

  • Remind your customers to share their referral link to earn points

  • Notify customers that their shared referral link has not been claimed

  • Notify customers that they have achieved a new Loyalty Tier and drive them to your website to claim rewards or that they have lost a Loyalty Tier and provide actions to earn the tier back

  • Reward customers with Birthday offers

  • Remind customers that they have unused Loyalty Points that are expiring soon

...and much, much more!

Requirements / Limitations

  • An active paid subscription to Yotpo Loyalty (also known as Swell or Yotpo Swell).

  • The Zaius Yotpo app does not import Ratings and Reviews at this time.

  • The Zaius Yotpo app does not import historical data from Yotpo, data is collected on a go-forward basis.

  • The beta does not support Loyalty Tier, Coupon or Offers in event-triggered campaigns.


Example Campaign

Setup & Installation

In Zaius:

  1. Go to Account Settings -> Integrations

  2. Select Yotpo tile

  3. Click Install

  4. Copy the Webhook URL to clipboard

In Yotpo Swell:

  1. Click Settings

  2. Paste the URL from Zaius (step 4 above)

  3. Click Save

Once you click "Save" updates to customers will happen as they occur, in real-time.

Yotpo Swell does not support historical import at this time.

Available Recipes

Gain access to the following recipes by contacting Zaius support.

Data Overview


Standard Events

App Events

Objects & Fields

The Yotpo Swell app imports all data in the Loyalty & Rewards base schema IN ADDITION TO the objects and fields below.



Events (events)

Customers (customers)

To learn more about Customers in Zaius, refer to the following:

Loyalty Tiers (loyalty_tiers)

Loyalty Referral Codes (loyalty_referral_codes)

Yotpo Perks (yotpo_perks)

Yotpo Redemptions (yotpo_redemptions)

Yotpo Redemption Options (yotpo_redemption_options)


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